In last week’s blog The Most Important Gifts My Mother Gave Me I told you stories about my mom. After I wrote those stories, I decided to share them in a more personal way with my mom in a letter for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday May 12th. What would you like your mom, your grandma, a friend who’s a mom or another mother figure in your life to know?

Why not write a letter to your mother—or to a mother figure in your life. This person may not even be a mom, but embodies what you value in mothering – care, deep listening, connection…

Write a letter to one of your mom friends. Or write one to yourself.

Aim to go beyond the platitudes of “greatest mom ever” or “I love you to the moon and back” and get personal. Tap into memories and moments of connection. Reading it should make you feel that connection deeply. For your recipient, it should make them feel loved, admire, hugged by your words.

I know how powerful reading a letter like this is, because the best gift I’ve ever gotten as a mom was a special heartfelt letter from each of my kids. Each letter was different, each personal. But they had something in common – they touched me deeply and they made me feel seen as a mom and a person. And the letters deepened the connections between us. I laughed and cried at the moments that they remembered and treasured.

Here’s my template for writing these kinds of letters.

Before you start think: How do I want my reader to feel when they read my letter. Hold that in your heart while you write.

Then include these parts:

The Why—your reason for writing – in this case sharing love and gratitude for Mother’s Day

The Story—the memories and stories you choose to share – Why is your recipient special to you? How does she make you feel? What do you admire? Use stories about your recipient or from your relationship to SHOW how you feel.

The Reflection—Share your thoughts on the stories you chose: What you learned from the story, why the story is important to you, and what you’re hoping your reader will understand.

The Love—End your letter with love.

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